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Happy Children Day Quotes & Captions

Children Are Like A Wet Cement. Whatever Falls On Them Makes An Impression -  Happy Children Day

Children's Day is the most auspicious day in the life of every child. In India, Children's Day is celebrated on 14th November every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He loved children dearly and is fondly remembered as Chacha Nehru by them. Working on children today promise a better tomorrow. Children need to handled with lot of care. Children are the most vital asset of a country. The future lies in the hands of our children.

Happy Childrens Day

Top 100 Childrens Day Quotes, Messages & Captions: 

1) Childhood is an enchanting period, no worries, no responsibilities. Enjoy it while it lasts, dear child. Happy Children’s Day.

2) Children are a heritage of the Lord. It’s a wonderful blessing to have you as my child. I love you dearly. Happy Children’s Day.

3) Dear child, may you never lose your innocence. May life not be hard on you. May that twinkle in your eyes never lose its shine. Happy Children’s Day.

4) The period of childhood, the period of unlimited fun, the period of bliss, the period of innocence, the joy of growing up. Happy Children’s Day.

5) May you never lose the joy of childhood. May it accompany you into adulthood and stay with you for the rest of your life. Happy Children’s Day.

6) There are no words to describe how special you are to us. You are an amazing blessing. We’re thankful for you. Happy Children’s Day children.

7) May you grow up to be what we could never be. May you surpass all of our expectations. Happy Children’s Day.

8) I remember when I first had you, I could gaze at you the whole day. You were so cute and lovely. You still are, and I love you more each passing day. Happy Children’s Day.

9) You have the seed of greatness in you, my child. You can be anything you want to be. Happy Children’s Day.

10) Your coming into our home is a tremendous blessing. We are thankful for. We will always do our best to ensure that you have the life you deserve. Happy Children’s Day.

11) You have made us proud parents, the envy of all others. You are an amazing child, one in a million and we love you ever so dearly. Happy children’s day.

12) No matter what happens dear child, always remember you have everything it takes to get to the top. You are not a mediocre, you were born for greatness. Happy children’s day.

13) You can always count on the values we have instilled in you to help you make the right decisions at critical moments. Happy children’s day.

14) Dear child, you are a treasure, a precious gift. May you thrive all the days of your life. Happy children’s day.

15) I will always love you unconditionally my child. You can always count on me. Happy children’s day.

16) Enjoy the pleasures of childhood, enjoy the freedom, enjoy the thrills. May laughter never depart from your mouth. Happy children’s day.

17) You’re the world’s most valuable resources. You’re the hope for a bright future. Happy children’s day.

18) Today is your day child, enjoy it to the fullest. Happy children’s day.

19) Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility.

20) Every child matters. If we fail our children, we are bound to fail our present, our future, faith, cultures, and civilizations as well.

21) Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.

22) Children are the future of our country. Let them enjoy their life in whatever you do. Happy children’s day.

23) Childhood is about innocence and playfulness. It is about joy and freedom. Happy children’s day.

24) Childhood is all about being wild, having fun and enjoying a carefree life. Enjoy your childhood till it lasts. Happy Children’s Day.

25) The sweetest period of anyone’s life is their childhood.

    A warm wish for all the children on this special day.

    Happy Children’s Day .


    Let’s celebrate the spirit of childhood

    on this International Children’s Day!

    Let’s work together and help make

    a better next generation!


27) There r some things, money cant buy,

    1 of such things is our childhood,

    enjoy d spirit of Childrn’s Day.

    Happy Children’s Day!

28) Childhood is about innocence and playfulness….

    It is about joy and freedom…

    Happy Children’s Day..!!

29) Babyhood is all about the

    innocence and kindness.

    It is all about joy and fun.

    Cheers to a happy life.

    Happy Children’s Day!!

30) May the innocence in their smiles and the purity of their hearts stay forever unfaded. Wishing a joyful children’s day to every kid in the world!

31) Let’s join hands on

    Universal Children’s Day…

    To make this world

    A safer place for the little ones!

    Happy Children’s Day..!!

32) Children are God’s best creation,

    They spread happiness and joy in every season,

    Handle them with love and care.

    Happy Children’s Day!

33) Children are sensitive and innocent,

    they are the little angels of God,

    and the future of mankind. 

    Wishing children very best on this Children’s Day

34) There are only two lasting gift we should give our children, One is roots and second is wings. Happy Children’s Day.

35) The sweetest period of anyone’s life is their childhood.

    A warm wish for all the children on this special day.

    Happy Children’s Day.

36) "Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow." Happy Children's Day!

37) "There's nothing more contagious than the laughter of young children; it doesn't even have to matter what they're laughing about." May you always find something to laugh about. Happy Children's Day.

38) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru once said, "The children of today will make the India of tomorrow." Happy Children's Day!

39) "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."            On Chacha Nehru's birthday, my wish is for you to keep working towards an even brighter future            for India. Happy Children's Day!

40) You are the future of our great nation. Happy Children's Day.

41) "Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate." Here's wishing you a Happy Children's Day! 

42) "The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day." Happy Children's Day!

43) On Children’s Day, young people across the country honor the memory of Chacha Nehru. Schools and colleges across India often organize fun-filled activities to     mark the occasion of Children’s Day.

44) Wishing my incredibly sweet child an incredibly sweet time ahead. Sweetheart, I hope you have a truly magical and happy Children’s Day.

45) Without children, the world would be devoid of sunshine, laughter and love. That’s why I believe children are the most precious creation in the world. We should     protect, guide and love them with all our might, for they are our greatest treasures. Happy Children’s Day!

46) On this Children’s Day and all year-round, I wish you great happiness. May your future be as bright as the light you illuminate this world with. Enjoy your special     day!

47) Children are God’s representatives on earth. Treat them well and God will always smile down on you. Happy Children’s Day.

48) To every child reading this, know that you are beautiful and precious. Never stop believing in yourself because we have total faith in you! Happy Children’s Day!

49) Hoping this special day will bring happiness into the lives of all the beautiful children of this world. Happy Children’s Day, our lovable angels.

50) A heartfelt greeting on this beautiful day to all the youngsters around the globe. Best wishes on Children’s Day!

51) Happy International Children’s Day! May you become a better person than we were as you get older. On this day, best wishes to you!

52) We, as parents, want the best for you, dear kid. May you live long and prosper. Good luck on Children’s Day!

53) May their grins’ sincerity and the purity of their hearts never fade. I hope every child around the globe has a wonderful children’s day!

54) The flowers of paradise are children. Make our planet a fun and safe environment for our children. Cheers to kids today!

55) Happy Children’s Day to all my beloved pupils; Serving the nation’s future makes me feel grateful.

56) I’d want to send my warmest wishes to all youngsters worldwide on this beautiful day—happy International Children’s Day.

57) Each kid should be loved and nurtured as they develop. Make the young children’s lives joyful and healthy.

58) Wishing every child around the globe a delighted children’s day; Enjoy your time to the fullest today!

59) We appreciate you for making our lives remarkable. Happy Children’s Day, little one. We incredibly adore you.

60) The grin on a child’s face is the most priceless thing in the world. All children across the globe have a happy Children’s Day. We cherish you so much!

61) Children are the carriers of our ambitions for a better tomorrow and our aspirations for a joyful future. I’d want to wish kids around a beautiful day.

62) I wish you all the best in life, my dear pupils; May you become wonderful people as you develop. I hope you have a happy children’s day.

63) If money could purchase happiness, everyone would use their whole wealth to return to their childhood. Like every kid, childhood is amazing. Cheers to kids today!

64) The flowers from heaven and God’s loveliest creations are children. So let’s swear to do our part to improve and make this world a better place for children. Enjoy     Children’s Day.

65) The flowers from heaven and God’s loveliest creations are children. So let’s swear to do our part to improve and make this world a better place for children. Enjoy     Children’s Day.

66) The tiny angels of God are children. On this day dedicated to children worldwide, I wish them the best.

67) Every kid is unique and different. By giving children a better life, let’s make their childhood special. Good luck on Children’s Day!

68) A very Happy International Children’s Day to all the bright lights around the globe!

69) May the pure souls of children improve the state of this planet. Greetings on Children’s Day!!!

70) May the innocence remain in their pure hearts for all time and bring forth the best in every one of them—happy Children’s Day to everyone commemorating it.

71) Children are the future; thus, raise them well. They will be the ones to alter things and improve the world. Good luck on Children’s Day!

72) Never allow the child inside you to die, and be sure to take care of it when needed. Your gentler disposition would improve everything. I hope everyone has a     beautiful day with the kids.

73) Do not teach the kids what to think, but rather how to think. It will grow in precisely the same manner as you want to place the seeds. So, treat the kids well.     Enjoy Children’s Day.

74) Each kid is a unique kind of flower, and they are all lovely in their unique way. Good luck on Children’s Day!

75) Commit to helping your kids become better people on this Children’s Day. Good luck on Children’s Day!

76) As kids are a gift to everyone, let your youngster feel special on this day. Happy World Children’s Day!

77) Childhood is a magical landscape, an inexhaustible source of joy, a creative period, an artistic journey, and a homage to love. Good luck on Children’s Day!

78) Never stop smiling, weeping, or having fun; it’s only a memory from your youth that you’ll always cherish. Good luck on Children’s Day!

79) Children are God’s gift to us. Give them a brighter future. Happy Children’s Day, my dear.

80) Children always remind us that even the littlest things may make us joyful. To all the youngsters out there, Happy Children’s Day!

81) We should commit to improving the world for children. Best wishes to all young people!

82) We feel incredibly grateful and delighted when we see you. May you always be surrounded by joy. Cheers to children!

83) Greetings for Children’s Day. I want you to wake up each day with a grin on your face and joy in your heart.

84) Every little grin on your face reminds us of the eternal delight of being your parents. This day’s charm and happiness are all for you. Greetings on Children’s     Day!

85) I appreciate everything that you have brought to our lives. Enjoy a great Children’s Day, baby.

86) The Lord has blessed us to have you as one of our children. I hope we can help you grow and become a better person. We adore you a lot—Dear, Happy Children’s Day.

87) You are the most priceless gift I could have ever hoped for. I appreciate you making my life worthwhile greetings on Children’s Day, my love. I adore you a lot.

88) All our efforts and sacrifices are directed toward making this planet an excellent place for you. To us, you are everything. My darling, happy children’s day!

89) Nothing will make us happier than seeing you grow into someone even more admirable than we are. On this day, best wishes to you!

90) We are constantly filled with pride to be your parents. You can instantly alleviate all of our suffering with only a little grin. Greetings on Children’s Day!

91) We look forward to spending some very enthralling time with you on this special day since you are so important to us. Greetings on Children’s Day!

92) You are a gift from God who can take away all our suffering with a little grin. Happy World Children’s Day 2023!

93) Our most immense joy comes from making you happy and providing you with some memories to cherish in the future. Greetings on Children’s Day!

94) You can ease our discomfort with a little grin: my kid, happy Children’s Day.

95) As parents, we pledge to make the world a lovely place for you. Enjoy an excellent Children’s Day, my kid!

96) Even though we are your parents, we always learn new things from you. Sweetheart, happy Children’s Day!

97) You are the most valuable asset I have had in my life. Without you, my world would have no joy, laughter, or love. I wish you a truly wonderful and happy     children’s day! I adore you a lot.

98) I want you to be happy all year long, not only on this Children’s Day. I wish you a happy future filled with all the pleasure in the world. Enjoy this beautiful     day, my little one!

99) Without you, my cherished pupils, I could never be a decent teacher. Cheers to children!

100) Cheers to children! You have my gratitude as a pupil. I hope your future is prosperous.



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